Theme Support for 123Landlord

We've noticed a lot our users like to upload and use their own logo on reports and the 123Landlord header, and that's great.

What often looks less than perfect, however, is when you use a logo that has a block white background, or one that has dark text in it, and it clashes with the dark blue background of our header color scheme.  We obviously don't expect you to have to change your logo or tweak it to suit, so we decided it might be nice to offer a few different color themes so you could find a header background that matches your logo best.

And so, now, when you click the Settings button and the Settings popup screen is displayed, you'll see there is a "Header Theme" drop-down option - the 123Landlord Default is the 'out-of-the-box' preset, but you select any theme and preview it, and click Save to finalize it.

Hopefully this is a bit of an improvement - Happy Holidays and all the best in 2016!