Tenants Can Now Pay You Via Credit Cards

In addition to ACH (bank-to-bank) payments, we're now releasing the ability for tenants to pay on the portal with credit cards.  We realize this might not be a viable option for all due to the fees (you can always pass those on to the tenant) but if you don't qualify for ACH payments, this is the next best thing.  We've had more and more of our customers request credit card payment integration, so we've decided to finally release this.

The best part is that it is very simple to get this set up - you literally can be up & running and receiving payments from your tenants in 10 minutes.

Here's how to get started:

1. Now, when you go to the Services page in the 123Landlord system, you'll see that there is a box called "Allow Tenants to Send CC Payments".  Check this and click the green "Save" button:

2. Next, click the [i] icon next to that check box and more info will appear.  Click "Connect with Stripe" and you'll be re-directed to the signup form from Stripe, which will also link our system to your Stripe account:

3. After that has been completed, you'll be redirected back to our page where is should show "Authorized & Connected" under the connect button.
4. Once all that is done, tenants (when they log into the portal) should see a "Pay With Credit Card" button that they can use to send funds to your Stripe account.  Fees are debited off your account by them and payouts to your bank account are on a rolling 7-day basis: