Receive Work Orders & Maintenance Requests From Your Tenants Automatically

Today we added the ability for you to set up a "tenant portal" where your tenants can send you maintenance requests, and you will receive these automatically in 123Landlord as new open work orders.  The work orders will appear with the tenant's property (if they are leasing), the description and comments about the request, and the tenant's name and email address.

You can set up a unique tenant portal link for all of your tenants, or just some.  Each tenant has his/her own link, which you can activate and de-activate as you like.

(Note: in the future we will add more functionality to this tenant portal page, such as the ability for tenants to view their balance online, pay you directly online, and so on - but right now this portal page only allows tenants to create these maintenance requests)

To set up the portal links, click the Services button at the top of any page:

The first tab of the Services page is "Tenant Portal" which displays a list of all your tenants for the currently selected owner.

To activate a portal link, click the "Activate" button. Note the the Tenant must have an email address on file to do so.  If you need to, you can go the tenant detail page and add an email address for the tenant.  Just be sure to refresh the Services page when you return to it.

When you activate the link, it appears below the tenant's name.  A "Send Portal Link" button also appears.

The link is what your tenants need to be able to send maintenance requests.  This link is for that one tenant only.  Send it to him or her via email and when they click on it, it will be personalized to him/her. 

The "Send Portal Link" button allows you to quickly send an email containing the link to the tenant.  If you need more customization of the email, create your own email using your email software and simply copy & paste the link in.

The portal links take the tenant to a page on (outside of the secured login area where they can complete and submit a request for service:

Maintenance requests sent in by tenants will appear on the Work Orders page, indicated by a "Submitted by Tenant" icon. All work orders submitted by tenants are set to 7 days after the date they are submitted, but you are free to edit the work order and assign your own due dates.