Public Listings Webpage and Online Applications Now Available

Today we're releasing a highly requested addition to 123Landlord - one that will will allow you to publicly list your vacant (or soon to be vacant) properties online, and allow applicants to apply online.  Let's jump right in:

Public Listings Webpage Generator

1. The public listings webpage is a single page of properties that you have designated to be listed publicly.  You can configure any properties (currently vacant or not) to be included in this public page, with just one click on the Properties detail screen:


2. The listings page is configured on the Services page --> Public Listings Webpage Generator tab:

3. You must first specify the subdomain that you wish to use as the URL to your page - this should typically be something like  Note that you can create a URL to list all of your properties, or just properties for a specific owner.  You can have any number of subdomains, so you can have a separate URL for each owner if you need that.

4. Clicking the URL/Link button will register your URL/subdomain. Note: it takes 24 hours for your subdomain to be activated by 123Landlord staff, and for the DNS entry to propagate fully.  Please wait at least 24 hours before you inquire about the status of your subdomain.

Public Listings Webpage

5. Once your URL has been activated, you may use this URL to view your listings.  Note again that you will have to designate (from the main 123Landlord system) specific properties to be included in this list. (See Step 1, above).

You can give this URL to prospective tenants so they can view and apply for listings online, or you can include a link to this page from your own website. You can also directly embed the listings page into your own site with a simple IFRAME HTML tag - contact us if you need help with that.


6. Applicants can view details about your available properties, and click the Apply button to complete an application:



7. When an application is completed, a notification email is sent to you.  An applicant record is also added to the Applicants tab inside the main 123Landlord system for your account.
Here you can decline the applicant, or approve him/her an ultimately convert the applicant record into a full fledged Tenant record (linking the tenant to property etc.) with just a few clicks.