Print Checks

Today we've added a feature that has been long requested - the ability to print checks.

First off, a disclaimer - we currently support one check template - the standard laser printed business check template, with the check at the top and the bank slip and stub at the bottom. If you have a different template, please contact us to discuss adding your template to your account.

Checks can be printed for any, some, or all expense entries in the Accounting tab - here's how:

1. Click the Accounting tab.

2. Check the box to the left for each entry you want included on the check:

3. Click the Print Check button at the bottom of the screen:

Note that income entries will be ignored if you included them:

4. The Check Options screen appears:

You can set the Check Date, and the Payee Information.  If you've selected one accounting entry, the default payee might already be set, depending on the specific settings of that accounting entry.

You can click the Edit button on an accounting entry item to display the Check tab:

Basically this lets you define the default payee (either the Vendor, Tenant, or a custom entry) for that specific accounting entry.

5. Back on the Check Options screen, you can also specify whether you want all items on one check, or to have a separate check for each entry. If only selected one accounting entry in Step 2, this option is irrelevant.

Otherwise, you can choose to combine items onto one check, or have each item separate. 

Note that the check slip and stub will only hold twelve (12) items, so anything over that will spill over onto another check - 123Landlord will keep track of that and break the check amounts and items up automatically:


6. When you are ready, click Print Check:


If you elected to print one check for all items, but there were more than 12 items, you will have more than one check, with the first twelve items (and the total for those) on the first check, the next twelve on the second check, and so on.

If you had 12 items or less, everything should be contained on one check.

If you chose to have a separate check for each accounting entry, you'll be able to page through and see all of the checks.