Other Charges Now Support Amount Due Overrides - Great News for Utility Payments

You could always add "other charges" in 123Landlord - these were non-rent payments like fees, utilities, and other additional items your tenants pay either as a one-time charge, or every month.

Until now, though, it was a bit difficult to add charges where you didn't know the exact amount up front, like in the case of utility bills, for example.  We would always recommend you enter the estimated charge (eg $50), and then you'd have to go back and modify this charge amount on the Lease edit screen to make everything balance when the bill arrived  ($44.86) and you wanted to pay that charge  - fairly cumbersome.

Now, we've added the ability to due Variable Amounts Due - meaning the amount due is variable, and you can override it later when you're about to collect payment on it.  This is great for utility bills, because you can set up the lease with an estimated amount for the charge, and then override that on the fly to keep everything balanced.

Here's what it now looks like in the Lease Edit --> Other Charges tab:


When you enter a charge now, you can set it to Variable, which means you can override the amount later, on the Payments due screen.

So if your tenant pays a utility bill every month that is usually around $100, enter the charge for $100 and set variable ON.  Click "Add" and don't forget to click "Save Lease"!

Now, go to Payments --> Payments Due:

When your charge is due, it will show in the payments due list, with the estimated amount due.

Let's say that you've received the utility bill and the amount actually due (that the tenant will pay) is not $100, but $88.24.  You can override the amount due.

Notice an 'edit' pencil icon is now showing - click this to override the amount due:

A text box is displayed which allows you to enter a new amount due. Enter it and click the Save icon:

The amount due refreshes (along with the balance owing for that item).  The total amount due (at the very top of the list, and at the bottom footer) also recalculates.

So this means that for this charge, only $88.24 is due, even though other charges of this type (if you've set it to be recurring) are still $100.  So when you collect the $88.24 (in partial payments or all at once), everything will balance, without having to jump through hoops adjusting the other charge settings on the Lease Edit screen.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!