Now Supporting Recurring "Other/Non-Rent" Charges

Previously, leases supported "other" non-rent charges in the most basic sense - users could add these charges to the lease, but they were informational only and did not cause these types of payments to become due in the system.  Only Rent and Late Fees would show up as late, and you had to remember to collect your other types of payments on your own.  Until now!

Now, with the August 23 update, supports all of your recurring non-rent charges fully in the following ways and areas:

  • On the "Payments Due" screen, all non-rent charges will appear as due.  If you have already collected payments with the right payment type and for the right due date, the system will consider them paid (which it should) and these charges will not appear here.  To clear these charges, you should collect these payments with the correct due date and the same payment type as the charge type.  If you do not wish to collect these payments, and you do not want them to appear due and/or late, you should edit the lease and remove them.

  • On the Tenant Detail screen, on the 'Charges & Balance' tab, there is a new "Other Charges" table that shows all of the non-rent charges that have accrued, as well as any payments collected.  Note that you can see the payments by expanding the ro w for each charge.

  • On the "Rent Roll" reports, these types of charges and payments now appear.

  • On the tenants and properties list pages, the "Balance" amount will now include other charges.

Please note that you need to have added one or more recurring charges to a lease for these payments to accrue.  You can see the Other Charges tab on the Lease edit screen for any lease you've set up in the system.

NOTE ALSO:  Currently only the recurring charges are calculated - these are the charges that are set up on the lease screen as recurring "each time rent is due".  The charges that are due "at the start" or "at the end" of the lease are currently not included - these will be added shortly.  UPDATE:  Both recurring and fixed charges will now be calculated.  On the tenant detail screen (Charges tab) you will see Rent & Late Fees in one table, Recurring Other Charges in the next table, and Fixed Other Charges in the last table.

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