New User Permission Options

We've just added the ability to have more control over which parts of the system your user accounts (your employees, assistants, owners, etc.) can access.

Previously, you were limited to setting users as either Normal, Editor, Viewer, or Admin - and various permissions came along with these roles.  For example, viewer users can only view data, but cannot delete or edit it.

But until today this meant that your Viewer user could see *any* part of the system.  Now, we've added checkboxes to the User account edit screen (managed by Admin users), which define more specific parts of the system that users cannot see:


Check a box here to restrict your user from being able to see this part of the system.  When these changes have been saved and your user logs in, he/she will not see the menu items, toolbar buttons, or otherwise be able to view pages specific to the functional area they have been restricted from.