Move a Property From One Owner to Another

Many users have asked for the ability to move properties from one owner to a different owner.  Often this comes as a result of entering the property incorrectly under the wrong owner, or realizing that you entered a lot of properties and tenants under the catch-all "None" setting, and now want to split them up into separate ownership.

Previously you had to switch the "current" owner to the owner you want to work with, and re-enter your properties and tenants, and delete them from the old owner.  This was a bit tedious, so we decided to implement a feature where you can easily move properties from owner to owner.

This is now accessible on the Properties list page ( - click a property row to expand it, and then select the 'Move This Property to a Different Owner' button (third icon on the right below):

There are a couple of things worth pointing out here.  Once you click the Move Owners button, you'll be prompted to select the new owner for the property:

You'll only be able to see and select from the owners that you have already been given access to.  If your admin person has only assigned to you one owner, it is likely that you'll only see this one owner, and you won't be able to move records to other owners.  You'll need a user who has access to all owners to login and perform this task.

Once you've selected an owner to move to though, you'll be prompted one last time to confirm.  You should note the following:

- You're moving a Property record, but if the property has an associated lease in the system, this also will move to the new owner.  This means that the Tenant associated with the lease will move also.

- Secondary tenants that have leases of their own (even closed or expired leases) will NOT move over - these must be moved manually.

- Any associated payments, payments due, or accounting entries tied to the property or its lease will also move.

- Any work orders (open, pending, or closed) that are linked to this property will also move.

- If the Property is linked to a Building record, the building will also move ONLY IF that building does not have any other properties linked to it.  If there are other properties tied to the building, it will not move over to the new owner.  The property you're moving will not be linked to any Building, and it will up to you to create a building record for the new owner, and make the link on the property manually.

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