Link Users to More Than One Owner

We've just added the ability to link your 123Landlord users to multiple owners.  Previously, you have users that could see *ALL* data filed under all owners, or you could have users that were restricted to data for one single owner.  Restricting users to one owner's set of data was useful for when you wanted to let owner have login access to see their (and only their) data.

We listened to customer feedback and considered that many ownership structures involve multiple owner categories, and often you have users and employees that need to be able to see data across one or two owners, etc. - not just one.  So, we enhanced this a bit.

Now, when you look at the Admin page (on the Users tab), you can see that you can link a user to more than one owner.  Open a user record to see this:

Clicking this drop down list will allow you to select any number of owners.  You can either set it to "All Owners" or one or more.  There is no such thing as a user that cannot access any owners.

Click Save when you're done.

You'll now see that when this user is logged in, he has access to all the owners assigned to him, and can now change the Current Owner to either of these:

Also, when this user runs a report, he/she can use the "Run for all owners" box, which will run the report for all of the owners assigned to him/her.


Hopefully, this feature will come in handy for you and offer you more flexibility when setting up your users and owners.  Any questions please drop us a line!