Infrequent Payments, or Payments Half Due This Month but Fully Due Next Month

Q. How does one program infrequent payments due - for example, the tenant pays only 50% for the first half month, then reverts to a monthly pattern, or pay monthly and exit halfway through the next month?
A.  Payments that are due infrequently should be added to the lease as "Other Charges" - typically these would be due either when the lease starts or ends (once), or once on a specific date.  You can add these on the Other Charges tab of the lease edit screen.
For your examples about half the first month and then monthly etc - typically there are two ways to do this:
- If you're referring to rent, you can set up the lease regularly, say with monthly payments of $1000.  The system will show the payment schedule, with each month owing $1000.  You can click the first payment due date, and edit the amount due here to $500 - the rest of the payments remain at $1000.  You can do this with any due date.
- If you're referring to other non-rent charges (the same ones on the Other Charges tab mentioned above) you can't directly edit the amounts due.  What you can do is add them at $1000 due each time the rent is due (every month) and then when you actually collect the first payment, you can collect $500 and still flag the due date as "fully paid" - the system will accept this amount and everything will balance.
Hope this helps!