Expense Approvals

We recently added support for expense approvals - that is, the ability to approve or unapprove expenses.  It turns out that some of our users needed a way to keep new expenses that were not yet approved segregated from the main list, and to keep the unapproved expenses off reports until they were approved.

We also know that this might not be the way the majority of our users operate, so this had to be a feature that you could turn on, but was disabled by default, so you you'll need to enable this feature (it is off by default) - to do so, go to the Admin screen, Accounting tab.

There is a new drop down under "Expense Approval".  Set it to Yes, and click Save:


2. Then go to the Accounting tab.  Now you'll see a drop-down on the upper right corner of the tab allowing to you switch between Approved & Unapproved (the default), Approved Only, or Unapproved Only.  Switching this will filter the list.
Your current expenses are all unapproved at this point.  You'll have to approve them:
3. Open an existing entry (expense) or create a new one.  At the bottom of the entry detail screen, there is a drop down to switch between Unapproved and Approved for the entry. Toggle it accordingly and Save:
4. The accounting entries that are approved show a green 'check' icon.
- this is only for expenses, not income entries.
- with this setting on in Admin, only approved expenses will show up on the accounting entry and profit & loss reports (reports screen). 
- you can get a list of unapproved expenses, just by switching the filter toggle to 'Unapproved Only' and the other filter to "Expenses Only".