Commonly asked Question: Generating & Invoicing Next Month's Rent

How do I email a tenant a next period invoice? For example, I want to send a statment today that shows past rent due, late fees, and February's rent due. Thanks for your help with this matter!


If you select Payments --> Payments Due you will normally see charges that are past due and late fees if you have enabled them to auto-generate (on the Lease edit screen) or added them manually (the lease edit, other charges tab).  So these should show there already if they are past due.  Check the boxes to the left of each charge for that tenant, and click Generate Invoice.  Enter the invoice settings there where appropriate and click Email Invoice To Tenants.  If your tenants email address has been already entered into the system (on the Tenant Detail screen) it will be pre-filled, and you just have to enter a subject and email message and click Send.

To invoice future charges (eg February's rent due), go back to the Payments --> Payments Due screen and in the "Show Payments Due" drop down list, choose a future time period, such as "Next 60 days" - this should show Feb's rent due.  Check the box to select this charge (and any other future charges you want to invoice) and click Generate Invoice again. Repeat the steps above to email.

So basically the process is to invoice the past due charges and email that, and then generate and invoice the future charges - so two separate emails.