Big Update - Work Orders for Buildings, Plus Unlimited Expenses and File Attachments!

We've recently made some great updates to Work Orders that are the result of lots of user feedback over the last year or so.  We wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the new changes:

- Now, you can add Work Orders just for Buildings - assign work orders to buildings (without having to specify any one particular unit/property) - this is great for work items that at the level of the entire building or apartment complex, or for general maintenance and common areas.

- Work Orders can have any number of Expense entries assigned to them - previously, you were limited to adding a dollar value for Labor expenses, and another for Materials, but you had to add other expenses to the work order manually.  Now you can add them right from the Work Order screen, and these will appear on the main accounting expense ledger, and on the reports - no extra entry required.

- You asked for the ability to add file attachments to Work Orders, and now you can - add any number of files, and even have images (.gif, .jpg, .png) appear on the Work Order details report!

- As before, you can add any number of Comment entries to the Work Order - now though, you can send these comments to your tenants directly from the work order screen, and the comments will also be added to the tenant's contact history.  Also, you can choose to show these comments on the Work Order Detail report - all great ways to keep your tenant (or anyone else involved in the work order) up to date on progress and completion!

Here's a quick overview of creating a new work order and the new screens and user interface features involved:

When you create a New Work Order, the screen is now simplified:

You can choose to Quick Save and add more work orders (or do other work in the system), or Save & Enter More Info, which takes you to the Work Order Details screen:


To edit a particular area of the work order details, click the applicable Edit button and save you changes.

To add a new work order comment, click the Add New button in the Comments area:

Enter the comment details and click Save.  Now, if you'd like, you can email the comment to anyone you'd like:


Click the Email icon to email it:


If you selected a tenant as the recipient of the email, an entry will also be copied to the tenant's contact history.


You'll notice now that the expenses can be added to the work order on the Expenses tab - click it to show Expenses:


Closing a Work Order:

To simplify closing an existing work order, we've added a "Close" button on the drop down panel that appears when you click the 'expand' arrows to show more info about an entry on the main Work Orders list page:

Clicking the close button will set the work order status to 'Closed' (it will move to the Closed work orders list) and the closed date will be set to today's date.

Questions or Feedback? Drop us a line!

Hopefully these changes will allow you to derive more value out of the 123Landlord work orders module, and let you keep track of expenses and the work order's lifecycle more accurately.  We realize these changes might introduce a bit of change and departure from how you're used to seeing and working with the work orders areas of the system, but we're confident these changes are in line with user feedback as a whole, and represent a positive step forward for this piece of functionality.  As always, if you have any questions about how to use the new work orders features, let us know - we're here to help!