Better Support for Utility and Other Payments with New Manual Charges Feature

Up until now, you could create other charges that weren't either rent or late fees in two ways.  Either you could create an "Other Charge" on the lease that was due each time rent was due (eg. Garage Fee or Parking Fee), or you could add one that was due at the start of the lease (or the end of the lease) - a fixed one time charge.

The problem with the recurring (and more so) the fixed charges was that you had to specify the amount for the charge when you were setting it up on the lease.  This is great for things were you know what the payment should be, but not useful for instances where you don't know in advance what the tenant is going to owe - like utility bills and other variable charges, and even less useful for when you don't know the exact date it's going to be due.

Now, we've added something called "Manual Charges" - these are just like the "Other Charges" and are even accessed in the "Other Charges" panel of the lease edit screen, but with a twist - you can specify a manual due date for when the amount is due, and the amount.

So now, whenever you receive a utility bill for a property that the tenant would normally pay, just enter the charge into the lease edit --> Other Charges tab like this:

Select the payment type under "Description", enter the amount due on the bill, and select "Once, on a specific date".  Then, specify the exact date the charge is due.  Click "Add" and don't forget to Save the Lease near the top of the page.

Any charges you add here will appear on the Payments Due screen as manual charges:

The small icon next to payment type indicates this is a one-time manual charge, as opposed to Rent and Late Fees, or other fixed or recurring charges.  You can add as many of these charges as required, as they happen, as you receive them.

Paying these charges is the same - just click Pay on the payment screen and click the Post button to use the quick pay method, or select "More Payment Options" (or Payments --> Collect a Payment in the main top of screen toolbar) to control more options about the payment.

These charges can be invoiced and receipts can be generated in the same way as any other charge, just check the box next to them, and click Generate Invoice (or Receipt if you're on the payment history tab).

Happy Holidays!

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