Automatically Adjust Rental Rates Going-Forward

We've just added a feature that many of our users have requested: the ability to adjust rental rates for any or all leases going forward, without having to do it manually using the Lease due override method.

Now, on the Admin screen (this is limited to Admin users obviously), you'll see a new tab, "Update Leases" - it offers the following options:

You can choose to Increase or Decrease rent, and you can choose which specific leases to perform the operation on (or all leases) - please note that only open leases are shown.

You can adjust the rental rate by a fixed amount (eg $25) or a percent (eg 2.25 %) - if entering percent, just enter the number without the percent symbol, and enter it as 2 (for 2%), not 0.02.

You can perform the rent amount update for any due dates either after a specific date, or after and including the date you choose.


To increase the rent by 2.5 % for all leases for all months after and including Sept 1, select the options as shown in the screenshot above and click Update.

When the update is complete, you'll see a "Lease Update Complete" message - do NOT repeatedly click the Update button if the operation appears slow, this may result in duplicate runs of the update and increase (or decrease) the rent amount more than you had anticipated.