Auto-Fill Your PDF Files with 123Landlord Data

While 123Landlord has a pretty good document builder that will auto-fill with data fields from the system, this only works with HTML documents that you create in the system from scratch, or ones you're able to meticulously copy & paste into the editor from an existing file.  A lot of users have asked us for the ability to auto-fill existing PDF files with 123Landlord data.  Today, we're announcing the new feature to let you do just that!

Here's how it works:

The first thing you'll notice is that the 'Documents' tab has been renamed 'Documents & PDFs' - when you hover your mouse over it, you'll see the two areas (Letters & Forms, and PDFs!).

The letters and forms area is the old html documents area.  The PDFs page is new - select that:

The PDF Files page shows a list of PDF files you've uploaded, but your list is likely empty, so you'll need to upload some.  Click the "Upload PDF" button to do so, and select the PDF you want to work with:

Specify the type of data the PDF should be able to merge with (most likely you'll choose Lease, since it has the most flexibility), enter an optional comment for the file, and click Upload.

Once the file has uploaded, it will appear on the PDFs list page above, and now you have some options:

The Preview button simply shows a thumbnail image of the first page of the PDF, for reference.

To set up the database fields you want linked in the PDF, click Edit Data Fields and you're taken to the edit page:

You can specify the font that is applied to the auto-filled text (current choices are Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier) - this lets you match the same font in the PDF.

To add field matches, you can either add a standard database field or a custom field.

To add a standard database field, click "Add Database Field" - this allows you to point a field # in the PDF to a database field in 123Landlord.  You can refer to the field legend, which shows all pages of the PDF, with the fields identified by number in yellow.

To add a custom field, click "Add Custom Field" - you can then link up a PDF field # with a combination of fields, formatted how you like, or your own custom text.  For example, you could combine the tenant name and address into one line, or add something like "Property Name: [LPName]", which would add the words "Property Name: " followed by the name of the property.  These custom fields allow you a bit more flexibility when adding data fields to the pdf.

To see a list of available database fields you can use in the custom value boxes, click "Show Field Reference".

Once you've added all of the field mappings you need to click "Save Fields & Close", which will save your field mappings and bring you back to the pdfs list, where you can generate and print it for one or many tenant/lease/property records - just click the select/highlight it first, and then click Print/Email PDF.

When you're generating the auto-filled PDF to print or email, 123Landlord will create it as a downloadable file.  If you selected just one tenant/property/lease for the pdf (or none - which is a blank file), it will appear as a single .pdf file.  If you've selected more than one record, it will download as an archive file (.zip) containing a PDF file for each record you've chosen.

Special notes:  currently only text fields are supported.  Fields (in the PDF) that are selector boxes, radio buttons, or check boxes are not supported yet.  Also, when the PDF you're trying to work with has lots of fields together in one place, the numbers in yellow may appear jumbled, and you might have to do a little trial & error to get the right field - this is often true about complex tables and advanced forms, etc.

It should be mentioned that this auto-fill mechanism is designed to allow you to quickly map commonly used fields to PDF files, so you don't have always manually add these things before you print.  This is intended for general fields like your company name, address, tenant and property information, basic lease data, etc.  Each PDF form is of course different and expects information in its own way - it would be impossibly complex to be able to auto-fill data perfectly for every PDF file and scenario, but we feel this is a good starting point and as we get more feedback on this feature, we will of course refine it.