Applicants Module Added Today

Today we just released a new module to 123Landlord which is completely dedicated to Applicants.

Up until now, we handled applicants as tenants without a lease, and they appeared on the New tab on the Tenants page.  Other than them being separated from the other tenants (which were on the Leasing or Former/Closed tabs), you couldn't really do much with them specific to the application process.

Now, we've got a dedicated tab for Applicants, on the main screen toolbar, to the left of "Buildings":

New applicants, when created, are by default of "Pending" status - that is, they haven't been approved or declined.  You can approve or decline them here, and they will be flagged as such.  We've also added a handy filter drop-down to let you select between all applicants, and just those that have been designated as approved or declined.

Furthermore, we've added the same Details page you've come to know from the Tenants areas - a full details page where you can do all of the things you'd expect about applicants - keep track of references, employment info, notes, etc.  You can also upload pertinent files & documents for that applicant.

You can convert the applicant to a full fledged tenant at any time - just click the Lease button on the Applicants list and you'll be able to create the lease etc - once you save that, the person will move from the applicants list to the Tenants tab list.

Special Note: we've also built in support to import applicants from a specially designed application form that you can add to your website.  To learn more or to have a custom application form developed to match the look & feel of your website, please contact us.