Adware Plugins May Cause Issues with 123Landlord

Today we had a support issue come in from a 123Landlord customer pertaining to problems clicking the tabs on the Admin page.  The issue was specific to one computer, but happened both in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

When we looked further into the problem, we noticed a Javascript error that was firing and shutting down all scripts after that point.  The real problem was, however, that the script was referencing an URL and code that don't even pertain to 123Landlord at all!  The error referenced a script living on "" - this is not affiliated with us or 123Landlord in any way.

We suspected that the user had either installed (unknowingly or not) a plugin, or toolbar, or some other type of utility.  Usually these are benign adware tools, or they could be more malicious spyware bots or viruses - it's hard to know since there are so many of those types of things these days.

Of course the natural suggestion was to re-install the browsers with no plugins, or (worst-case scenario) to reinstall Windows.

Fortunately, the user suspected a recent installation of a utility called InfoAtoms, which (we assume from their website) is designed to show you more info/advertising about keywords on websites as you browse.  So it's fairly invasive, and affects your day-to-day browsing of all websites, including ours at 123Landlord.

Our customer was able to uninstall this plugin, and the issues were resolved!

Food for thought!