Restrict Access to Specific Owner Data Only

We've often been asked for a way to restrict access to tenant and property data to certain owners only.  This is great when you want to give owners the ability to log in (as a Viewer user, for example) but only want them to see information pertaining to their own properties only.

So here it is, found on the Admin page (Users tab) - very simple:

Here, you can edit an existing user, or create a new user, and you will see a new drop down box containing a list of all your Owner categories.  You can allow access to all Owners (the default), or specify a single owner.  When this user logs in, he/she will only see data for this Owner, and cannot change to another owner.  If you've specified the user as a "Viewer", he/she will not be able to make changes either, which is great for allowing access to individuals outside your company (for example, the actual owners of the properties you manage!)

Right now we're giving you the choice of either all owners, or one specific one - there isn't a way to specify access to multiple owner data yet.