Big Update! Control User Access with Role Permissions

New Update: User Roles

Many of you have asked for a way to limit certain areas of 123Landlord for specific users.  We've just implemented a balanced way to achieve this without getting too complex.

We've added the following user types, or roles to the system:

As shown above, Viewer users can only see information, but cannot change or delete it.  Editors can change information, but not delete it.  Normal users can do everything except Admin functions, which of course Admin users can do.

The role assigned to each user can only be changed by admin users, on the Admin screen.  It should be noted that this changes the behavior of admin users a bit - before now, admin users could not add/edit/delete other users; only the user tied to the billing account could do that.  Now, however, admin users can manage user accounts freely.

Also Fixed: Property Detail Report

We've also fixed the Property Detail report - previously this report was incomplete and did not show many aspects of the property record, including photos.  Now, photos and the other property information have been added, and we've remove the work order section for this report - this is redundant as the work order history for the property can easily be generated using the work order reports and printed separately.