New Feature - Lease Overrides

We've added a new feature to the Edit Lease screen now, which we're calling Lease Overrides.

For all intents & purposes you won't see a drastic difference in the lease edit screen.  You will now notice, though, that for existing leases the Payment Schedule is permanently visible and each payment due date and amount is a hyperlink that you can click:

Clicking on a hyperlink will display the Edit Due Date & Amount window which will let you override the due date for the payment, or the amount due for that period, or both!

You can select a new date, and override the amount due for rent.  This affects only the selected due date.

The benefit of this is that you can customize your lease to include specialized due dates and amounts, and not be limited what's auto-generated based off the start/end dates and the frequency of your rent (monthly/bi-weekly/etc).  You can adjust dates to account for holidays, weekends, or other special cases. You can also adjust your rent within the lease up or down, however you see fit.


Your overrides will appear in green as you edit them. Make sure you click SAVE at the top of the lease screen to make your changes permanent!

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