Frequent 123Landlord questions- catching up back rent

Hello Sometimes, when our tenants get behind in rent, they make one larger payment later on to catch up. I've found that if I enter this payment amount in the month that it is paid, that the other payments (that they were behind on) still look as though they are due. I like to put the payments under the actual month they were paid so I can keep track of what tenants are doing, but don't like that it still looks like the previous payments are still due. Please let me know if you have any ideas on this as I currently can't use the invoice function if I continue doing it this way.


The best way to do this would be to apply portions of the amounts into each month as appropriate.

So if your tenant's rent is $500 per month and they are behind $1500 dollars, you would apply $500 to October, November, and December, for example.  You can still have the "received date" as today, just the period due date is set to each month.  This ensures that all the due dates show up as 'paid'.

Another way to do this (if you don't want to do it this way) is to go into the Lease Edit screen (select a leasing tenant row to expand it, and find the 'make changes to this lease' icon button) - you can edit the payment schedule manually.  By setting one due date to require $1500 (using the same example), and the other two due dates to require $0, you should be able to put everything into the one due date, and the system will no longer consider the other two due. 

If you do this make sure you scroll up afterward and click Save Lease to save these changes.

Keep in mind that this isn't the normal way to do this - most of our users just apply the payments into each due date, starting with the most due (i.e October) and working forward, paying off as much of the arrears as they can.