Updates To Form & Letter Fields Plus New Template: "Notice of Outstanding Charges or Late Payment"

Today we added some long-awaited form & letter fields to the document editor.  These are all for documents using the most common lease data fields:

  • Rent & Late Fees(Table)
  • Rent & Late Fees + Payments(Table)
  • Recurring Charges(Table)
  • Recurring Charges + Payments(Table)
  • Fixed Charges(Table)
  • Fixed Charges + Payments(Table)
  • Manual Charges(Table)
  • Manual Charges + Payments(Table)


When you include these field tags in a letter or form, they emit a detailed table of charges of the particular type (rent & lates, recurring charges, fixed charges, and manual charges) - amounts due, amounts paid, and balances.  The tags that have the "+ payments" suffix will also include a payment history, rolled up to the particular due date or charge type.  A total row is also displayed.

These tables are the same as the charges and balances displayed on any particular tenant's detail page (click Tenants and then click the Details button, and go to the 'Charges & Balance' tab.

  • Payment History(Table)

This field will generate a payment history table showing all payments on the lease, with a total row as well.  This is the same payment history that you'd get by looking at the Payments --> Payment History screen in the system and filtering to a particular tenant or property, or by running the Payment History report (on the Reports screen) for a particular tenant.

  • Current Balance

The Current Balance field will simply display the final current balance (or credit) for the tenant/lease.  This is the same calculation and amount that is displayed on the Tenants page (Balance column) and at the top of the Charges & Balance tab on the Tenant Details page.

Having the ability to generate this information in a form or letter allows you to be flexible in how you print this information and is one more way to communicate with ten

ants, owners, and partners.  You can combine these tables in any form or letter template to produce any number of letters.

An example of these new fields is now available in a new form & letter template - Notice of Outstanding Charges or Late Payment.  This is a letter that you can customize and send to tenants when they have missed rent or have outstanding charges.  You can copy this template to the 'My Letters & Forms" list and edit it how you'd like.