Splitting Late Fees - Help with a custom setup

Today we received an email from a user inquiring about 'split' late fee arrangements.

Specifically, this user has a late fee setup where after the 5th of the month, $45 is due, and after the 15th, an additional $35 is due.

For the benefit of all of our users, here was our response:

Currently we don't have a way to do split late fees in the system. One way you could do this (this would get you almost there) is to set up the Late fee (on the Lease settings) as follows:

- 5 days after the due date (grace period)
- 45 base amount + 3.5 per day
- maximum late fee: 80.00

This would cause the first $45 to be due after 5 days (assuming your payment dates are on the 1st of each month).  It would then accrue $3.50 per day for the next 10 days (so from the 5th to the 15th)  It would stop accruing late fees once it reaches the $80.00.  This would work, the only downside is that it would show the tenant owing (for example) $48.50 on the 6th ($45 + 3.5 for the first day after the 5th), and technically they don't owe the next $35 until the 15th.  You wouldn't collect the additional $35 until after it was due, the system would just show a running tally up to the $80.00.

This means that if the tenant actually pays the rent before the 15th, you'll just click the 'this payment satisfies the late fee' box when you collect the payment in the system and it won't expect anything more than the $45.00.