Send Letters Directly From Tenants screen

We've added functionality to the Tenants tabs to allow you to send personalized letters and automatically filled PDFs directly, rather than on the Documents --> Letters and PDFs areas of system.

From the Tenants page (click the Tenants button to get there), you'll see the "Send Letter or PDF form" button:

Select one or more tenants (using the check boxes for each row) and click this button.  The "Letter & PDF Options" screen appears:

You can select between Letters & Forms you have created, or auto-fillable PDFs you have uploaded.  NOTE: You must have created/loaded these documents first for them to be available here.  Click Documents & Files --> Letters & Form Templates or Auto-Fillable PDFs first to do so.

If you're emailing the letter or PDF, you can choose whether you want to have one file for each tenant (typical) or have all tenants on the same file.  Enter a subject and an applicable email body.

To Email the letter/form/pdf, select whether the email should go to the tenants themselves, or to other recipients, and click Email.

To print the document (all tenants will be on the same PDF in this case), click Print.