Search Now Shows Properties & Tenants From All Owners

We've changed the way our global search (the magnifying glass icon at the top of any page) works to show properties and tenants.

Everything around 123Landlord focuses on the current owner - if you haven't set up multiple owners, it is a great way to group your properties and tenants according to their ownership, and keep reporting and data entry separate.  You can switch between owners on the fly, and see the data specific to that owner, at any time.

We realized though, that often you might want to quickly search for a property by address (or property name) or for a tenant, and you don't necessarily want to have to switch to the owner that it belongs to, just to quickly view basic info about it. Often, you might not even know off hand what owner it belongs to.  One of our users described a scenario where he would be going through received payments, and would not know which ownership groups certain properties belonged to, but he knew the addresses of the properties and wanted to quickly find a particular property.

Now, the search function at the top shows ALL properties and tenants - from all Owners.  If you pull up a tenant or property that belongs to a different owner than the one you're current set to, you'll be able to see the basic info, but it will be "grayed out" and you won't be able to go further, until you switch owners.  Also note that the owner that the property or tenant belongs to is now shown on this screen for your reference:

This way, no matter what Owner you're currently working with, you can quickly pull up any property or tenant and see what's due, basic lease info, etc. and you can quickly find out what owner you need to switch to to be able to work further with that record.

The only EXCEPTION to this is if you're a user that has been restricted to a particular owner - in your case you'll still only be able to see properties and tenants for your owner; this hasn't changed.

Happy Holidays,