Search Improved to Include Secondary Tenants

We've just added some improvements to 123Landlord to allow you to search more easily for Secondary Tenants.

A lot of times, you receive checks from tenants who are technically on the lease (or even just an occupant or roommate) - but 123Landlord lets you put only one tenant in as "primary" leaseholder.  So it used to be hard to find the right lease or tenant record in the system, unless you already knew the primary tenant for that property.

Now, we've added better support for searching for these secondary tenants.  On the following list tabs you can search by secondary tenant name:

  • Tenants (Leasing & Expired tab)
  • Payment History & Archived Payment History
  • Payments Due
  • Accounting Entries & Archived Accounting Entries
  • Collect Payment page (searching for a tenant or property)
  • Global Search (at the very top of any screen)

Start typing a secondary tenant name, and a search suggestion appears for him or her.  You'll notice that a plus symbol (+) appears in front of the secondary tenant (in this case Mike Jarvis), and the primary tenant (Dan James) is shown also for reference:

When you select the suggestion, the primary tenant record is pulled up - everything in the system drives off this primary tenant being linked to the lease, so this is assumed to be information you're looking for, since the secondary tenant you'll looking for is linked to the primary tenant.


Hopefully this improvement will help you find tenants (who are not the primary leaseholder) a little easier!