Run Reports for All Owners

A lot of our users work with multiple owners and, as you know, you have to switch between owners when you're entering and viewing data.  Often though, you want to view your reports across all of your owners.  For example, it would be useful to be able to view all your payment history for all owners, grouped and totalled by owner.

And now, with this latest update to 123Landlord, you can do just that!  Here's how:

When you run a report (the Payment History report, for example) you'll see a new checkbox labeled "Run for all owners".  Check this box and click Run Report - and the report will now show an owner column. TIP: for best results, make sure you also group the report by the owner column, to be able to roll the data up by owner and (if applicable) show totals by owner.  To do so, just select the Owner field from the 'group by' drop down box and run the report again.  The owner column will then not be displayed, but it will move to left side of the report, underlined, grouping the report with a section for each owner.

Your preference (the "run for all owners" checkbox) will be remembered for the next report you run.

Keep in mind that, for some reports, the owner field will not be applicable and the "run for all owners" may not have any effect.

Also remember that, for users that are restricted to seeing one owner only, this option will not be available.