Recurring Accounting Entries

You can add recurrence to your income or expense accounting entries by configuring these settings when you create a new entry.  The Recurrence tab shows the available settings for recurring entries:

Click the 'Make This Item Recurring" box to enable recurrence.  Select whether the item will repeat monthly, daily, every 7 days, or select a custom number of days and enter those in the 'custom # of days' field.

In the "Repeating" field, specify how many times the item should repeat.  You can have the item repeat indefinitely, a specific number of times, or until a specific date.  Regardless of the setting you choose here, the recurring items will only appear in your income or expense ledger list when they have accrued - that is, if your settings generate a set of recurring entries on Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov 1, and Dec 1 - and today's date is Nov 10th (for example), you'll only see the entries for Sept 1, Oct 1, and Nov 1.  The Dec 1 entry will not appear until Dec 1 or later.

You should specify a start date for the recurring entries to appear.  This date is important - here's why:

The actual entry you're duplicating (or recurring) is set up on the General tab. All of the information set on this tab will be duplicated, including amount, account/sub-account code, and the tenant/property/building it is assigned to.  The first accounting entry generated will be set according to the entry date specified on the General tab.

The next recurring entry generated will occur on the Starting On date of the Recurrence tab.  This is the first child recurring entry.  Subsequent child entries will be created based on the recurrence settings you specify.

So, as an example, you create an income accounting entry with an entry date (on the General tab) of Oct 12.  You specify a monthly recurrence starting on Nov 1, recurring four times.  You'll get the original accounting entry with an entry date of Oct 12, and (when today's date is Nov 1 or later), you'll see the first recurring entry for Nov 1.  As time moves forward, you'll see the Dec 1 entry, the Jan 1 entry, and the Feb 1 entry.  Because you've specified a limit of 4 times, the recurrence will then stop.

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