Import Tenants from your Website

Import Applicants Into 123Landlord From Your Website

Today we added the ability for the system to generate HTML form code that, when placed in your own website, will allow you to import prospective tenants into the system from your site. These records will get added as "applicants".  You can customize the import form's fields, make it specific to a particular owner (if you use multiple owners in the system), and add an email notification when a new tenant registers.

This feature is located under a new button at the top of the screen we've called "Services":

Clicking this button will display the Web Services screen:

You can specify the fields you want for your web form by checking their boxes.  If you would like your website's visitor to be redirected to a certain page after submitting the contact form, enter the URL as well. You can elect to receive an email notification whenever a tenant submits the form.

By selecting the owner from the drop down list, you ensure that any applicant records that are added to 123Landlord as a result of a user completing the contact form are specific to that owner only.

Click the Generate HTML Form button, and your form code appears in the panel on the right side of the screen. You can copy and paste this HTML into your website and it will display as a contact form - you can style or customize the form however you like - just make sure to keep the form field names and the POST url intact for the import process to function properly.


Other fixes:

- Fixed an issue where certain Basic plan users were not able to add properties and tenants - the system was complaining about it being "over the plan limit".  Notified Basic users via email about this.


- Various other look & feel improvements.