New Dashboard Option: "Show Data for All Owners"

A new option has been added to the 123Landlord Dashboard to allow administrator users to view data across properties & tenants from ALL owners.

Previously, the dashboard (like all other screens and pages) showed data only for the "current" owner.  We realized from user feedback that it might be nice to show admin users a larger cross-section of data.

Now, when you view the dashboard, everything will function as it normally did - showing data for the current owner.  However, if you check the box labeled "Display dashboard data for all owners":


the dash will refresh showing all owner data.

There are some things to keep in mind with this

new option:

1. This is only available to admin users.

2. This option is really only applicable if you have data separated by multiple owners.

3. Because many of the links on the dashboard refer to specific properties or tenants, these links still require you to be set to the proper owner in order to view them.  For example, in "Late Rent" section of the Dashboard, there are links to view payment history for each specific tenant:


Now that this shows tenants from ALL owners, clicking a link here might require you to change owners before you can view that page. Fortunately, the system will detect that the tenant/property belongs to a different owner than the one you are currently set to, and will change it on the fly to allow this:

The current owner will be changed to whatever owner the property or tenant belongs to.  Keep this in mind when you access links from the Dashboard while in "All Owners" mode - and that you can always change the Current Owner manually at any time from the "Current Owner" button in the top-right corner of most screens.