More User Requested Features

Today, two great features added as a result of suggestions from our user community. The first, submitted by Sal C from New York and the second from Brian G in Louisiana.


Email Notifications When a Tenant Submits a Work Order Request

We've added an additional checkbox to your Settings screen that allows you to receive an email when a tenant creates a work order or maintenance request on the tenant portal.  Obviously you must have also activated the tenant portal link for the tenant to be able to request service, but now - you'll not only see the Work Order appear on your dashboard, but you'll also receive an email with the details, and a handy link to jump right to the work order record in 123Landlord.

Thanks Sal!

Additional Owner Field - Reserve Amount

Often our users hold a reserve fund for each owner that can be used for emergency purposes or unexpected expenses and costs.  This field is purely informational, and isn't tied to any income or expense functionality in the system, but is just a handy place to keep track of how much you have in reserve for each owner.

Thanks Brian!