Late Fees Now Appearing On Current Balances

Late Fees Will Now Display as Separate Line Items

Up until now, the current balances screen only showed outstanding rent.  The only way you could see the full tenant balance, including late fees, was to view each tenant's detail page individually, and look at the Statement of Charges tab.

Now, we've integrated Late Fees into all current balance screens as separate line items.  These also appear on the Dashboard late payments list (we've renamed it from Late "Rent" to Late "Payments" to better represent what this is now) and the late payment counts on the far left.

This also means that the amount that you see on the Tenants list page as "Due", and the totals on the Current Balances page, will better match the Statement of Charges tab (on the Details page) and will be much more accurate and comprehensive.

You can collect the Late Fee payment separately, or together with the Rent payment (as you could before this update).  As always, make sure that if you don't want the late fee to continue to calculate (this is especially important for late fees that are based on the number of days late) you should check the box labelled "This payment satisfies the late fee (stops calculating late fees for this due date)"

Other Updates today:

- Added the company logo to the Invoice and Receipt

- Fix issue with the Dashboard not refreshing when the current owner is changed.