Hide Payments Due on a Lease-by-Lease Basis

Often your payments due list gets cluttered with lots of charges that you may want to postpone receiving payment on, or ignore altogether.  Many of our users have requested a way to clean up this noise and choose which leases show payments due and which shouldn't.

Now, we've added a feature to do just that.  Now when you view your 'Payments Due' list, you'll see a small "Hide Lease" button under each set of payments due:

Note that your payments due list must be set to group/sort by Tenant & Period, or by Tenant name to view these buttons.

Clicking the "Hide Lease" button will hide all payments due (now and in the future) from that particular lease, until you unhide them.

You'll see a link at the top of the payments due list that indicates "1 lease is hidden from the payments due list. Click to unhide them." - clicking this link will restore ALL leases that are currently hidden.  There currently isn't a way to unhide just one, or a few.