Frequent 123Landlord questions - moving data between owners

Entered one of my managed properties. I noticed that the "current owner" was set to none so I went to the admin page to create an owner record. At that point all of the "current owner=none" property association was no longer visible. What I'd like to do is move the property and tenant to be associated with the newly created owner record. How is this done. Also, I tested sending an email and wanted to know if the emails are archived against a tenant or property record as I couldn't find the sent email association anywhere. Thanks.


To move a property/tenant and all of its corresponding data to a different owner record, open the properties list and click your property's row to expand it.  Then select the "Move this property to a different owner" icon (small, looks like a bluish book with a green arrow).  You can then select the Owner it should be moved to.  Give that a try and let me know how you make out.

With regard to sending email, when you send email to a tenant in the system, the email text gets added as an entry in the tenant's contact history - you can see that by clicking the "Details" button on the Tenant list ( and then when the details page loads, select the Contact History tab.

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