Frequent 123Landlord questions- data security

Hi, Found your web site and I'm interested in trying out a web based property management product like your. I see your indication that the data is backed up, but I'm not clear on how it is protected from unauthorized access. Am I the only one with the encryption key for my data, or does anyone with access to the service have access to the data? What else can you tell me about the security of the privacy information (e.g., tenants names, addresses, phone numbers, children, etc..) Also, can the service be paid for through Pay Pal, or do you need a credit card to bill directly to?


The data is housed securely at a data center hosted by Rackspace, which is a world class US-based hosting and infrastructure provider for software as a service applications like 123Landlord.

Daily backups are done on the database.  When you sign up for an account, you select a username and a password, just like any site which requires membership.  Your password is encrypted using a "one-way" encryption algorithm; this essentially means that no one can view or retrieve your password in human readable form - even we cannot view it or retrieve it for you - we can only allow you to reset it.  No other users on the system can see your data - all users are limited to their own data.

You can create additional accounts for your staff or assistants etc - this is your own choice and how they use your data is your responsibility.  You can set up specific permissions for your users if you need to - users can have admin access, view-only permissions, etc.

You can view and use the site in secure SSL mode (https) or non-secure (http) mode.  The default setting is secure.  This means the site will use the same 128-bit security that all online banking sites use to encrypt data over the wire as it transmits between our servers and your computer.  This ensures no one can intercept any data about any of your tenants, properties, etc.

I believe that Paypal is accepted by our payment processor, Plimus, yes.  The service is a subscription, so you'll still need a valid credit card linked to the Paypal account.  Each month your Paypal account will be billed, and ultimately the card - if the card expires or the transaction comes back invalid, you'll be able to rectify the situation before the account is cancelled.

Hopefully this answers your questions and alleviates some of your concerns about data privacy and security.  If there's anything else I can assist with please let me know.