Frequent 123Landlord questions - accounting end of year

I had a question, I used to use Landlord Enterprise Pro and at the end of the year when we roll over to a new year the accounting on reports starts all over like from scratch but keeps it logged in the accounting, it's only in the reports it starts over for a new year. I needed to know if this program I'm using on 123landlord does the same thing or does it continoue to show the reports as I need them, basicly does it still show on reports or does it start over with a new year?


For the most part the reports use the setting that is applied before you run them.  For example, the Accounting reports usually are set to the current accounting period (or all if you don't have one set up), but you can choose any accounting period.  To make next year the default, you have to change it on the Admin screen.  You can also select a preset date range (current year to date, this/last week/month, etc.) but this also is set to "all" by default.

The only thing might be is that the Accounting Reports might not show "archived" accounting entries.  You can select any accounting entries and move them to a separate "archived" list - this button is at the bottom of the accounting entries list page.  The archived entries likely won't appear on the main accounting reports (at least I don't think they should).

The payment history report is the same way - defaults to "all", but you can select current year only (which in 2012 wouldn't show much).  And the Rent Roll reports use a specific "as of" date that you can select (any date), so that one is certainly independent of the current year.

Nothing specifically resets over in the new year to my knowledge - if you see anything strange in the new year let us know and we'll correct anything that needs to be tweaked.