Frequent 123Landlord Questions - Sorting / How to Sort Records

How can records be sorted - I selected a particular sort setting but nothing happens - why?


The solution is simple, but this is actually a common question - the answer is that the sorting (and filtering, if you're trying to filter records) doesn't take effect until you click the appropriate button just to the right of the drop down list.

Example : on the Payment History page, where the current selection (top left corner of screen) is set to "Lease Period (Desc)" select either "Received Date (Desc)" or "Received Date (Asc)" and then click the button to the right of the dropdown list - the button has a small "a-z" icon on it - this is the sort button.

A lot of users expect that the sorting will happen immediately when you make the selection, but this is one of a few areas in the system where you just have to click the sort button to actually re-sort the list.