Frequent 123Landlord Questions - Locked Out of Account / Server Error

Help! I've been locked out of my account and I can't login - I get a server unhandled exception error


Normally this shouldn't be happening, and when it does happen 99% of the time it's related to some invalid date settings on a recent lease you've just saved.

We've had (in a very small number of cases) users email us with this issue, and it's always traced back to an invalid lease setup - we've put measures in place to mitigate most of these, but occasionally a strange case slips past us.

Typically, the problem seems to be one of the following:

- A lease with an end date somehow set to BEFORE the start date.

- A start date of (for example) Jan 30, and an end date of Jan 31 (one day) - this rarely causes a problem but worth noting here.

- Start date of (eg) Jan 30, and an end date of Mar 1st.  However, the "First Payment Due On" date is outside that range, either before Jan 30, or after Mar 1st.  This is a common cause for this issue.

Technically (normally) the system should probably prevent you from selecting a payment date that is after the end of the lease, and should normally prevent a lease with an end date before the start date, but there may be ways that you can unknowingly get the user interface into this bad state - we're still tracking a few of these edge cases down.

Any questions or if you're seeing an error screen either after saving a lease, or after logging in, please let us know and we'll investigate and repair the error, and/or restore access.