Frequent 123Landlord Questions - Discounting Rent

I have couple of questions on how to use 123Landlord. I ran into a situation where we need to discount rent for one month to a tenant in  the amount of $75 and I don't see an option where I can do that for one month in particular instead of going to editing the lease.


To discount the rent received for a payment, simply go to Payments (top toolbar) and choose Collect a Payment.
Specify the tenant/property and click Find or select the lease from the list. 

Make sure the right due date is selected in the "For Period" field and enter the amount you're collecting after the discount (eg. if rent normally is $1000, and you're discounting $75, enter in $925)

Then make sure the Flag Period as Full Paid box is checked.  This will accept the payment as discounted, and the system should not expect any more payments for that due date.  Enter other information about the payment as required, and click Save Payment at the bottom of the page.