First-class support for Complete Statement of Charges - Bulk Emailing & Printing

When our users would ask us "where can I find a complete statement of charges for a tenant?", we would direct them to one of two places - the Complete Statements + Payments report in the Reports area, or the Charges & Balance tab of the Tenant Detail screen.  The latter wasn't properly print-friendly, and the former took a bit of clicking to get the filtering down to the right tenant etc.

Now, we've added a new Statement document that is fully integrated into 123Landlord, just like Invoices and Receipts, which means you can generate it for one or any number of tenants, and it will show all charges, due and fully paid, across all payment types and fees.  These include Rent, Late Fees, and any of the "Other" charges you have set up on the Lease (recurring, start-of-lease, end-of-lease, or manual date payments).  The Statement can be emailed as a one-off directly to tenants or other recipients, can be printed, and (just like invoices & receipts) it can now be bulk emailed, to any or all tenants, or any number of recipients in a batch.

The Statement is generated on the Tenants page (click the Tenants main toolbar button).

Select one or any number of leasing tenants and click "Generate Statement":


The 'Statement Options' popup appears:


You can specify a Statement Date, whether to include secondary tenants, whether to include closed leases, and whether to display payment history details.

Follow the instructions in the post about Bulk Printing & Email Support for Invoices & Receipts for more info about how this now works for Statements.