Fine Tune the Return Address on Your Invoices & Receipts

The default setting for the return address in the header of the Invoice and Receipt document in 123Landlord is to display the billing account info.  That is, the company name, address, city, state, post code, etc. for the user that is tied to the account that initially set up the 123Landlord account.

We realized through user feedback that this might not always be the case, and users should have the ability to customize and control how the header on the invoice and receipt reports appear.  So we've done just that.

Now, when you click either Generate Invoice (on the Payments Due list screen) or Generate Receipt (on the payment history list screen), the familiar Invoice/Receipt Options popup screen appears, but now it is an extra option for "Return Address".

Clicking the "Change how the Return Address on invoices & receipts appears" link will show another popup box:

Here, you can select the "Use the Field Values Below" option and enter in the information that should appear on your invoices and receipts.

You can change this info at any time (it will be saved when you click Save & Close) and you can always revert back to the default billing account info by choosing "Use My Billing Account Info".