Events Calendar Added to 123Landlord

Today we added a Calendar of Events to 123Landlord - this will allow you to keep track of important events and dates such as inspections, move ins, move outs, etc. - basically anything you want to keep tabs on.

To use it, click the green "Calendar" button at the top-right corner of most pages in 123Landlord - the calendar screen is then loaded:


You can add events, specifying a title and description/comment.  Events can be "all-day" with no time component, or specific to a start and end time range.  You can color-code the event item as you wish.

The Calendar will also display certain system dates - these are: lease expiry dates (lease end date), work order due dates, and tenant birthdays (the DOB field on the tenant detail screen).  The system will also display contact history follow-up reminder dates, only if the 'show follow-up date reminder on dashboard & calendar' box is checked for that contact history entry (again, on the tenant detail page).

You can switch between three different calendar views - either 'month', 'week', or 'day'.  The system will remember your selection for the next time you visit the calendar screen.

Note: like most data in 123Landlord, all calendar events are specific to the current owner - set on the "current owner" button.  You can switch between owners, add calendar events, switch back, etc.  Note that the calendar is currently visible to all users in your account, however users that have been limited to viewing data for a particular owner only will only see calendar events for that specific owner (they will not be able to switch owners).