Emailed Invoice & Receipts Now Added To Contact History

Now, when you send either an invoice or receipt via email through 123Landlord, the system will create a contact history item for the tenant, provided that:

- You must already have added the tenant's email address in the system (on the tenant's detail page, click 'Edit' in the Contact Information area).
- On the email popup screen, instead of typing the tenant's email address, start typing the tenant's name - the system will auto-fill the tenant name, then just select it and click the TO: button.
This ensures the system knows the recipient is a tenant, and not just anyone - creating a contact history for a tenant would not be applicable if you were just sending the invoice to a non-tenant, for example.
- If you have the contact history already open (i.e. in another tab) you might have to refresh that page manually to see the new entries.

Also new: the contact history item will now also have a link to the original attachment, which you can pull up for viewing later.