Customize Number of Days Before Default Due Date Moves Ahead

On the "Collect Rent" screens, you may have noticed that when you're collecting a payment, the system preselects the due date that is the most appropriate depending on what the current date is.  For example, if you had a lease that had due dates of Jan 1, Feb 1, March 1, and April 1, and today was March 10th, normally the system would select April 1st as the next due date to collect rent for, since March 1 has passed.

However, some of you have indicated that you often wait a few days before entering your payments, because you want to make sure checks clear, EFT's go through, etc.  So by the time you go into the system on March 10, the system is already selecting April 1, so you have to change this back to March 1 to collect the payment.  This is an extra step that takes a bit longer to perform, especially if you have lots of payments to enter.

Now, you can adjust this behavior.  In Settings, there is a new option called "Switch to Next Due Date", which allows you to specify the number of days to wait before the system will select the next due date.

For example, if you specify 15 days, the system will not start selecting April 1 until March 15.

Keep in mind that this only affects the pre-selected due date - you are of course free to change the due date to anything to allow you to collect the payment for the period you want.  This does not force you to collect your payments at any specific time, or change anything in the system other than saving you a little time in changing the selected value for the period due date.