Common Questions: Recurring Expenses, PDFs (Assessor's Report)

Q. How do I edit reoccuring expenses/income. For example, in one property, the monthly HOA fee is $242.31 per month. It stays this price until it increases. Do I merely go in and change it to the new price?

A.The recurring expenses area is auto-generated and the child entries that are created generated can only be edited after they have been generated.  Make sure you edit the child entry (the one that was auto-created), instead of the master, which is the template for all future recurring ones.  Ideally, you'd just set up the recurrence to be far enough ahead until the next price change (i.e one year for HOA fees typically, I would guess).  That way you don't have too much editing to do.  But yes, you can modify some of the child entries if the actual fee has changed.  After the recurrence has ended, you can set up another recurring entry for the new year etc with the new price.

Q. I have downloaded the assessor's report for my property. It is a PDF format. Where do I store it?

A. PDFs should be uploaded to the Documents& Files --> Auto-Fillable PDFs area.  If the PDF has embedded editable fields in it (some do, some don't - the creator of the actual document will have done this, or not) - but if it does have editable fields, you can link these to data fields in 123Landlord and auto-fill some of the data when you generate it for one or more tenants/leases.  Or, you can also store these types of files in Documents & Files --> Common Files - these files are shared by all users on your account, if you have added any extra people.