Bulk Tenant Importer Now Available

Now, you can import multiple tenant records at once using the new 'Bulk Tenant Import' functionality.  This will allow you to save time by loading multiple tenants at one time, as opposed to manually creating them one-by-one.

Note that the tenant records that are created in the system using this tool are without a lease attached to them - you'll still have to do that (link them to a property by creating a lease for them in the system) but this saves one extra step.

To use the bulk importer, click the 'Add New Tenant' button on the Dashboard:

or, the 'New Tenant' button on the Tenants page:

There is a link to the Bulk Tenant Importer here - Bulk Import Multiple Tenants - click it:

The Bulk Import Multiple Tenants screen loads:

To use this feature, enter a single line of data for each tenant you want to import.  The line must be formatted properly or it will be ignored.  Each field must be separated by commas, and be in the order specified: FirstName, LastName, Address1, Address2, City, State/Prov, Zip, Telephone, and Email.   You can omit fields but ensure a comma is still in its place.

When you have added your tenant information and are ready to import, click 'Add Tenants'.

If you are already on the Tenants page, the No Lease / Former tab will refresh and your tenants records will be loaded.  If you are on the Dashboard page when you start the import, you will be redirected to the Tenants page to view the results.