Big Improvements to Invoice and Receipt Creation

We just added some great enhancements to how invoices & receipts are generated in 123Landlord.

Bulk Sending to Tenants or Other Recipients

Previously, when you generated an invoice (or receipt), you had the option of emailing it, but you could only send one email at a time.  This meant that if you wanted to send all your invoices to the appropriate tenants, you had to generate them one-at-a-time and email them out separately.  This was time consuming, so we fixed it.

Now, you can select any number of charges (or payments) across any number of tenants and generate separate invoices (or receipts) that can be emailed separately to each tenant on the invoice, or to any other recipients.

You can also specify a default subject header and body for invoices (and a separate one for receipts), and combine this with the email signature in your settings.

Finally, you can even modify the subject and body of *each* message, as well as add or remove recipients BEFORE you send out your invoices and receipts.  So now you have complete control over how these documents go out.

Here's a step-by-step outlining how to do this for invoices (the process is essentially the same for receipts, except it starts on the 'Payment History' tab):

1. Click Payments --> Payments Due.  The Payments due screen loads.

2. Select a number of receivables across two or more tenants by checking the boxes on the left side of the page.  Click the Generate Invoice button.


3. The Invoice Options popup screen appears.  Here you can configure the invoice.


The 'Separate Invoice' options have not changed - these define how each tenant's invoice is grouped.  You have all the charges for a tenant on the same invoice form, or have a separate invoice (page break) for each payment type, or even for each individual amount due.

The 'Email Attachment Options' allow you to specify whether the invoices are broken up BY TENANT into separate files, or to have all invoices on one file.  In most cases, if you've selected charges across multiple tenants in step 2, you'll want them in separate files ("One file per tenant").  If you've only selected charges from ONE tenant in step 2, this option is irrelevant.

You can type a default 'Email Subject' and 'Email Body' for the email that you'll send.  This will be saved for future invoices and emails.

4. You now have the option of specifying whether or not you're sending the invoices to your tenants (the primary tenants on the invoices) or to other recipients.  If you select "To Other Recipients", you'll have to add recipients later.  For this example, select "To Tenants" and click 'Email Invoice'.

5. If you've only selected charges for ONE tenant OR you have the email attachment options set to "One file for all tenants", the usual email popup form will appear, allowing you to send ONE file attachment to one or more recipients.

HOWEVER, if you've selected charges for more than one tenant and you have the email attachment options set to "One file for tenant", you'll be taken to the new bulk email screen, "Send Invoices & Receipts":

6. The "Send Invoices & Receipts" page shows an entry for EACH tenant, with their email addresses pre-filled in the To: column (if the tenant has an email address on file in the system).

7. You can click the 'Details' arrow and open each individual email message.  The subject and body have been pre-filled, if you've supplied a default for either in step 3. You can freely edit these on a PER message basis.  You can also add or remove recipients for each message. Click Save when done.

8. You can click the Invoice.pdf link to preview the invoice that will be sent for each tenant.  Each invoice should show only the charges applicable to each individual tenant.

9. You can check the Cc me or Bcc me boxes and specify which email address you want a copy of the email(s) to be sent to.  This allows you to receive copies of the outgoing emails as well.

10. You can click 'Send' on a per row basis to send the emails individually, or you can click 'Send All Emails' to send them all. Simple!



Also: Fixes for Missing Tenant Email Addresses

We also fixed an issue on the original email invoice/receipt popup where the tenants' email addresses weren't being automatically added to the screen when you wanted to email the document to them.

Previously, you clicked Generate Invoice, configured it on the Invoice Options screen, and then clicked Email - the email popup opened and you had to manually go and search for your tenants to get their addresses added to the To: or Cc: fields.

This email popup will still appear if you're working with one tenant (or want all invoices in one file) but now when you're configuring the invoice (or receipt), you have the option of specifying whether you want the email to be sent to the tenants on the document, or other (non-tenant) recipients.

If you specify tenants (which is the default option) - the email is now pre-loaded with the email addresses of the primary tenants on the invoice or receipt.  If there is more than one tenant on the document, the email addresses are loaded into the Bcc field.  If this is just one tenant, it appears in the To: field.  If tenants don't have email addresses on file in the system, "no email address" will appear for that tenant and they will not receive the message unless you go back to their tenant details screen and add an email address.