Auto-Create Expense Entries with Work Orders

Previously in 123Landlord, when you created a Work order in the system that had a cost associated with it (as most do), you could enter the labor and/or material costs for the work order.  However, in order to record this in your bottom line you had to also go into Accounting Entries and create a separate Expense entry for the amounts as well.  This was a bit time consuming and based on user feedback we agreed it was time to add some features to address this.

Now, when you create a new Work Order, you'll see there are fields at the bottom of the popup screen to specify that any amounts you add for Labor cost or Materials cost can be applied to expense accounting entries, which will be created automatically:

By checking either check box, you either create a new expense entry (for new work orders) or you will edit the existing associated expense entry for the work order (if you're editing/re-saving an existing work order), so the expense entry will always stay in sync with the work order.

The accounting entry will have to have an entry date on it - so it needs to know which date you want to copy from the work order - you can have the expense entry get its date from either the Opened On date, Date Due, Work Started date, or Completed date from the work order.  Make sure that for whatever date field you select here, there is an actual date entered on the work order - for example, if you want the expense entry date to be the same as the work order's Completed date, make sure you actually fill in a Completed Date for that work order.  The system will popup a message to warn you about this if you forget:

You should also specify the account code to file the expense entry under.  You can choose from the existing expense accounting codes.

Important things to remember:

- If you delete the work order, the associated expense entry will NOT be deleted.  This should be done manually.  Also, if you un-check the box for either labor cost or materials cost on an existing work order and save it, this will not remove any previously added accounting entry - you should do your deletes manually on the accounting entry side.

- If you edit an existing work order that has a linked expense entry, and you change the amounts for labor cost or materials cost, the associated amounts in the expense entry will also change.  If you change what account codes or what dates it is based on in the work order, the expense entry will also change account codes and/or entry dates.

- If you create a work order with the labor cost check box checked, you'll need to make sure that an actual non-zero amount is entered in the labor cost field (same goes for material costs).  The system will warn you here as well:

- If you specify an account code for the accounting entry and for some reason you subsquently delete those account codes on the admin screen, the account code will be reset to 'none' for those entries.  This was always the case for accounting entries when the master account code was deleted, so nothing has changed here.